The Honda CB750 is more than just a motorcycle

Some vehicles are more than just a way to get from A to B. Some of them, like the Honda CB750 motorcycle, are also a part of history. They're iconic and renowned around the world for being superb to ride, and to look at. Honda certainly knew what they were doing when they had to idea to create this gorgeous bike. It looks as good now as it always did, and if you're riding one of these around, you're sure to turn heads for all the right reasons.

Honda motorcycles are numerous, but none are as iconic as the CB750.

The world's first superbike

The CB750 was built to rival the big motorcycles, the Harley Davidsons and the Triumphs. It came out in the year 1969, and it seemed at first that there was no way the new kid on the block could get anywhere close to the stalwarts. However, it didn't take long for bike lovers across the world to unite in their love of Honda's classic new bike.

With its five-speed transmission, its transverse overhead camshaft, and its massive four-cylinder engine with matching four carburettors, the original CB750 took on all comers and won. All of this gave it a top speed of over 120 mph and 68hp. Now that's an engine that was really going places and it was taking plenty of people with it.

The Honda CB750 is the right choice

There was no way Honda was going to build just one model of the CB750 motorcycle. As years went by, new stylings and engineering innovations were introduced. In total, around 400,000 CB750s were produced. Your choice of model is wide-ranging seeing as the last was introduced as late as 2007. The original 1969 model will be seen as a collectors' item of sorts and may need some work. The different models also give you a choice of an upright or standard riding posture.