Honda Generators

Honda generators allow you to have power, where ever you are! Portable and powerful, generators are suitable for a range of applications. They are a must have for tradesmen who need electricity for their power toolsand many people who live in rural areas have generators to create back up power for their homes. For those who like exploring the great outdoors in style, a Honda generator allows them to have all the mod cons when camping or caravanning.

When searching Honda generators for sale, it can be hard to find the right one for your needs. Luckily there is a Honda generator for every occasion - work, home and play.

If youre looking for a Honda generator to use as back up power for home, Hondas EU and EM series generators are suggested. The EU and the EM system are designed to work with the transfer switch in your power board so you can easily power home appliances in the case of a blackout. For recreational use such as camping and caravanning, the super quiet EU model is a good choice as it makes less noise than other generators and is very portable. Or, if youre a tradesperson who needs a high-powered generator for construction sites, the durable EB generators with GFCI protection.

When you are choosing a Honda generator make sure you take into account noise level, especially if you will be running it at night time. Check the generator decibel rating, the lower decibel rating the quieter it will be. Remember that for every increase in 10 decibels, the noise level is 10 times more powerful.

You must also consider the run time of the generator and determine if it will be right for your needs, some Honda generators for sale can be run for up to 20 hours on on one tank of fuel. Then you must do a quick power check to make sure the generator you have chosen can create enough power for your appliances. To do this, compare the power output of the Honda generator to the wattage you need for your appliances.