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Motorcycle Brake Pads

Honda motorcycles can generally get to high speeds in a short amount of time, and as such excellent stopping power is always needed. A fully functioning braking system is imperative, and the motorcycle brake pads are an integral part of that system. They are responsible for stopping the motorcycle with the use of friction and pressure against the rotors. Over a period of time, the friction will wear down the pads and you will have to replace them.

Types of Honda Motorcycle Brake Pads

There are two major types of brake pads that you can choose for your Honda motorcycle. Sintered brake pads are the most common, but the organic pads are also popularly used. Organic brake pads can be broken down into three sub-categories, which are Kevlar, carbon, and semi-metallic. Semi-sintered brake pads are also available and is a popular choice for someone who is unable to choose one of the aforementioned types. Semi-sintered pads on the other hand, do not wear down the rotor as quickly and still provide good stopping power.

Honda Sintered Brake Pads

Honda sintered brake pads have a high performance in various road conditions because their material compound is highly resistant to friction. This means that they provide impeccable stopping power in demanding situations whether the conditions are wet or dry. Many Honda motorcycles have sintered brake pads standard because of their reliable performance, but their main downfall is that they wear down the rotors more quickly.

Honda Organic Brake Pads

Honda organic motorcycle brake pads are made from a combination of metallic and organic materials. They are softer than sintered pads, so they do not wear down the rotors much and provide a softer, smoother braking experience. However, they do not last as long and create more brake dust when used. If you are less likely to be in demanding situations, this brake type me be more suitable for your Honda motorcycle.

Honda Ceramic Brake Pads

As the name suggests, Honda ceramic brake pads are constructed from ceramic fibres fused together with non-ferrous metal filaments. Unlike organic brake pads, ceramic pads produce less brake dust because they dispel heat better. They also perform well in a variety of road conditions and they do not wear down the rotor quickly. Similar to the organic brakes, ceramic brakes resists resonance, so you also get a softer, smoother braking power without the grinding or squealing. They are also suggested for less demanding situations.

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