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Motorcycle Tyres

At some point you may want to replace the tyres on your motorcycle or maybe the entire wheel. The replacement may be due to normal wear and tear, accidental damages, or maybe you feel need to customise. Before you update your Honda motorcycle wheels, you should consider the model, style, and size tyres needed.

Honda Motorcycle Tube vs. Tubeless Tyres

Before you purchase motorcycle tyres, you should know if your Honda motorcycle requires a tubed or tubeless version. Tubed tyres are generally used on Honda motorcycle spoked wheels, are often more cost efficient, and do not overheat easily. Additionally, tubed tyres offer a good grip and less chance of air pressure loss. On the other hand, tubeless tyres are easier to maintain, they do not puncture easily and they have better longevity. Another benefit of tubeless tyres is that they lose air slowly if punctured, so you have a better chance of getting to a service area for repair. Furthermore, some tubeless tyres can still accommodate a tube if the tyre is punctured and cannot be repaired right away.

Honda Motorcycle Tyre Breakdown

Understanding how your tyre is an extension of your motorcycle may help you in determining the best tyre for your ride. In looking at the tyre, you may simply see a patterned rubberised circle. However, that pattern, referred to as the treading helps to manage your tyres performance. The contact patch is that section of your tyre that touches the road for each revolution, and the grooves in the pattern helps to channel the water so that the contact patch stays sturdy. This why it is recommended to replace your tyres when the treading wears down. The vertical sides of your tyres are referred to as the profile and this helps to manage your Honda motorcycle’s transition from side to side.

Honda Motorcycle Tyre Sizing

All motorcycle tyres are manufactured with some sizing details listed along the profile of the tyre. It is important that you understand what the numbers mean in order to find a good match for your Honda motorcycle rims. For instance, with 190/50 ZR 17 M/C (73 W), the tyre width in millimetres is 190, 50 is the aspect ratio, ZR is the construction code, and 17 refers to the diameter of the rim in inches. The M/C means that this tyre is for motorcycles only, and 73 refers to the load weight code which translates to 365 kilograms. “W" indicates a speed index of 270 kilometres.

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