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Honda Push Mowers

Honda is a quality motor vehicle maker, and their lawnmowers are no exception. Honda’s push mowers offer a variety of features that will enhance and simplify the way you mow your lawn. There are self-propelled, electric, gas, robotic and other mower options. Every Honda lawnmower employs GCV and GXV engines, and both provide low fuel consumption, clean emissions and peak performance. Push mowers are extremely popular and very easy to use.


The 3-in-1 allows you to mulch, bag or discharge without having to use attachments or tools. A multi-position blade lets you choose the height of your lawn. Certain grass types thrive at different heights, while the ability to adjust the blade height gives you the creative freedom to finely manicure your lawn. MicroCut System produces ultra fine clippings. A flywheel brake system is another handy feature that shuts off the engine once you let go of the handle, which helps reduce accidents and injury. Auto Choke means that you don’t have to choke the engine before mowing the lawn.


Self-propelled Honda push mowers are excellent on uneven lawns. They make going up an incline less strenuous and help you to mow your lawn faster. Many have variable speeds so that you can move as quickly or as slowly as you need to. They can be all-wheel, front-wheel or rear-wheel drive. Honda rotary push mowers work well on a wide range of grass conditions.


Electric push mowers help you to reduce your carbon footprint while lowering the volume of your mower. If you are in a more urban setting, your neighbours will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Going electric will also save you money on gas. It also saves time on maintenance, since electric mowers don’t need spark plugs, oil changes and spark plugs. Electric push mowers are available in corded and cordless. If you have a small lawn, the corded variety can work for you, but if there’s a lot of lawn to cover, cordless may be the better choice.


A gas Honda push mower is quieter than most gas mowers, which have a reputation for being quite noisy. For business operations a commercial grade Honda 4-Stroke push mower is a great choice. Its ability to handle rough Australian conditions is superior to many other mowers.