Honda Z50

Get on the trail with Honda Z mini bikes

Honda produces a range of mini bikes, which are also known as monkey bikes, in the Z50 series. They were originally a kids ride at a Japanese theme park, but today youre more likely to see them in the racing paddocks where drivers, riders, and crews use them to get about in the pit lane.

Small and light, theyre not only fun to ride but also easy to transport, so if youre going away and want an efficient and no-nonsense way to get around a new place you can take your Z50 with you on the trailer. The Honda Z range is updated yearly, and there are manual and semi-automatic motorcycles on the market. You can find a great selection of Z mini bikes on eBay.

Monkey bikes for kids and big kids

Probably the biggest users of Honda monkeys outside of the race track are children. Kids love trail bikes and anything fast, and a Honda Z50 is a great option for parents who want to give their kids a taste of the open road, and make sure they grow up with biking in their blood.

Which Honda Z50 model to choose

With all the Honda Z50 models, youre going to get a small but perfectly formed machine, with a reliable engine, great efficiency, and comfortable seat. The models in the range are the Honda Z50R, Z50A, Z50J, Z50M, and ZB50, and you should find a selection available on eBay.

The Z50M and Z50A were the first and second generations in the range and represented the cutting-edge of the mini bike market. Developments were quick to be brought through from concept to design and production at Honda, so todays riders should look for later models to get the most bang for their buck. The Z50J was the European and Japanese version of the Z50A, and was succeeded by the Z50R. Aimed at dirt track riders rather than more leisurely bikers, the Z50R was an effective racing machine, so for speed demons who know how to handle two wheels, it is the obvious choice.