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Sweeten up your kitchen with honey from eBay! 

Honey is the perfect partner to drizzle over the top of a morning porridge, butter onto a piece of warm, crispy toast or lather onto a crumpet, or even add to savoury meals to sweeten them up. It even pairs nicely with nut butters and other savoury spreads.   

However, choosing a honey can be overwhelming, with many different types and flavours available. Around the globe, there are over 300 different types of honey derived from different bees, flowers and trees. Luckily, here is a guide to the different types of honey available on eBay.   

Browse through the range of Tasmanian organic Leatherwood honey, which is found in the green wilderness on the Western side of Tasmania and comes from the unique Leatherwood tree. This honey is highly sought after by honey connoisseurs all over the world. There is also Manuka honey, which is created by bees using the nectar from the Australian Manuka tree, creating a deliciously sweet and natural honey. There are also New Zealand versions of Manuka honey, all of premium quality.  

If you’re concerned with processed honey, look out for raw, organic options which are derived from bee hives free of treatments and therefore 100% natural. Also shop the different sizes and various packaging designs available such as jars, tubs, and easy-squeeze bottles. It may also be worth experimenting different types of honey to find the flavour that’s right for you.  

Get your delicious honey from eBay today in just a few simple clicks.