Hooks & Hangers

Hooks and Hangers

Hooks and hangers are an essential home accessory to store and organise various items. From clothing to keys, you're bound to found something perfectly suited to your home.

In-closet hangers

Enhance your storage space with additional hangers for your closet. From simple clip hangers for your favourite pair of jeans to sturdy clothes hangers for your best suit. If you're looking to get organised, try buying hangers in different colours to coordinate your wardrobe and keep your clothes in order.

Wall mounted hooks

Wall mounted hooks are a secure and solid way of hanging light to heavy accessories in your home. Shop for wooden mounted metal hooks for a chic and boho place to store your coat, or trendy, novelty hooks for your keys.

Available in a range of materials from plastic to wood, these can easily add a touch of timeless practicality to your home. Shop for children's hooks too to encourage the kids to hang up their coats and clothes.

Over-the-door hangers

Perfect for hanging towels in your bathroom, over-the-door hangers are available in a variety of shapes, styles and colours to perfectly match your bedroom. Shop for single, double or garment hangers to hang items from your doors or even inside your closet to create extra storage.

You can even find a new home for your belts from over-the-door hangers and hooks in your closet for easy access. Try using a hanging shoe organiser instead of a rack.

Adhesives and magnetics

Setting your hooks and hangers with adhesives to your walls can be a great way to display pictures without damaging the surface. Magnetic hooks can also be great to place lists or pictures on your fridge. They can also be used to create extra hooks in your closet or in the wall in your bedroom without damaging the walls.