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British company, Hope, manufactures everything you could possibly need for your bicycle including brakes, hubs, brackets, lights and stems. Based in their original factory in Barnoldswick, all parts are designed and made according to Hope's exacting standards and assembled by hand, so you can be sure that when you're buying a Hope part, you're buying something reliable that's going to last. 

Hubs are made from the finest quality stainless steel bearings with centre lock disc spline and there's a hub designed for every type of use from the RS4 Centre Lock Front Hub that's versatile enough for everyday road riding to hubs designed specially for mountain bikes and BMX riding with larger spoke flanges stiffer wheel builds. 

Hope also manufactures a range of high-quality brakes for road, downhill, cross country and endurance riding. Need a light brake suitable for most riding conditions? The Race Evo E4 is great all-rounder. With its mix of titanium and aluminium bolts and lightweight lever design, it's a super reliable brake that fits easily on to most models. Hope's disc rotor brakes are the best in class. With their laser-cut stainless steel braking surface, they offer much smoother transitions, which make for an overall better ride. 

If it's brakes you're looking for, you can browse a much wider range of Hope bicycle brakes. Or if you're looking specifically for bike hubs, why not check out our range of Hope bicycle hubs for sale? All are available online today.

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