Horse Clippers

Horse Clippers Keep your Animals Looking Well-Groomed

To prepare for competitions and prevent coat issues, use horse clippers to keep your animals looking their best. Options on eBay are designed for home use, and keep your team looking good while travelling to shows.

Will horse clippers handle matted hair?

Yes, most clippers on eBay are designed to handle tangled hair, and regular use will help to prevent skin problems. Use the clippers to stop chafing, while improving your horse's appearance. Several options on eBay are lightweight, so they are easy to handle, and allow you to smoothly follow the contours of the animal's body.

Complete long or short cuts

You can easily complete long or short cuts with the horse clippers from eBay. They may allow you to do blade changes through five lengths without swapping out blades, so you save time while grooming several horses. Read the vendor's description on eBay carefully, since some clippers are not designed for full-body use. The noise level is also indicated, since some devices may be too noisy for skittish horses. Flexible clippers from eBay offer the following benefits:

  • The battery can often be recharged in an hour or less.
  • A cordless design prevents tripping or tangling and improves safety.
  • The blade design makes oiling easy.
  • A snap-off design allows the blade to be detached easily.
Choose clippers with charging stands

Some of the clippers on eBay come with their own charging stands, so they will not take up space on a table. These use all the popular blades, such as A5 blades. If you need storage space for combs, look at the vendor's description, since all clippers will not provide this. Some can cut hair extremely low, so you can easily prepare to perform emergency surgery on a horse.

Are all types of cordless horse clippers designed for heavy use?

Most of the cordless horse clippers that are available on eBay are designed for two hours or more of use and come with lithium-ion batteries, which makes them easy to recharge. This reduces delays while providing the clippers with a longer life span when compared to other battery types. They can be used on wet or dry hair, and their compact design prevents arm fatigue when you are grooming for hours.

Their powerful rotary motor can handle heavy use, and you can adjust the speed setting quickly. Several on eBay provide over 3,500 strokes per minute, for fast and accurate grooming. Many operate at full power while the battery drains, so they do not yank or pull hair.