Horse costumes have come a long way from the days when they required two people covered in sheets to carry them off. Now, you can wear an inflatable horse costume all by yourself and make a hilarious splash at your next horse race themed party or dress up event.

Spring is a popular time of year for people to host horse-themed parties and events that match up with high-profile races, especially the Melbourne Cup and the high-profile races leading up to it. Some events prefer party goers to dress up in race day finery like suits, frocks, heels and fascinators but others just want to have fun. And what better way than in one of these comedy conversation starters. They’re also suitable, and a great idea, for Halloween parties, sporting events, even stag and hen nights.

How to Wear an Inflatable Costume

Most inflation methods for these costumes are the same no matter which design you choose. The fan usually comes already installed in the costume. You simply need to attach it to the battery pack using the cord provided. First step into the costume and ensure the elasticised bands around your hands and feet are firmly secured and that your face is correctly placed in the headpiece. Close any zippers then press the button on the battery pack to start up the fan. The suit should be fully inflated in just a short time and you are good to go. The batteries will last you up to four hours.

Inflatable outfits make dressing up for special occasions a breeze and horse costumes, which are cleverly designed to make it seem like you are actually riding the inflatable horse, will see you stand out in the crowd.

There are so many styles to choose from among the eBay stores and sellers you won’t have any problem finding a horse costume to suit your taste and budget. Go get ‘em cowboy!