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Horse Hay Nets and Bags

Horses love munching on nutritious, well-cured hay. While hay is technically just a bunch of grass and other plants, it is costly enough that wasting it is far from ideal. This is why horse hay nets and bags are a thing. They keep the hay contained so they don’t fly off in the wind when you feed your horses. With the horse stable accessories, you can equip yours to properly care for your equine friends.

Hay Bags

These feeder bags are narrow in depth but wide. They have handles at the top so you can suspend them on a trailer, fence, or wall while the horses munch at the yummy grass. A large hole on one side allows the horses to take a bite and pull out the grassy treats. One thing to consider when you are preparing to store the bag is that you should not leave the feeding hole exposed. This causes the uneaten hay to fly all over the place and make a mess. So keep a sack big enough to cover the whole at the back of your truck, slip it inside the bag on the side with the hole on it, and wrap the other end over the top of the uneaten hay pile to keep the strands secure.

Hay Nets

Hay nets are generally larger capacity compared to feeder bags. They are used to wrap whole bales of hay, hence the size, and have tie knots at the open end so that you can secure the contents when finished packing it. Stand the bale so that it's at its highest, then slip the opening onto its top. Slowly bring the net entrance to the bottom of the bale and flip it over when it's nice and wrapped. Then tie off the knot to keep it secure.


Horse stable accessories make the horse breeding life much easier. A foldable saddle stand is made of lightweight steel tubing so you can easily carry around the stable. Just hang it up or put it against a corner when it’s not in use. Other horse riding equipment/a> like jumping rails fasten onto barrels and allow for easy horse training, while lovely ear bonnets keep them nice and warm on a cold night.

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