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Horse Head Mask

Horse head masks were first introduced as a halloween costume by Seattle-based novelty dealer, Archie McPhee. Since then, head masks have become very popular for halloween and among people looking to achieve a humorous effect. Their use is evident on internet memes,in pranks, images and videos. Wearing this mask at an event, such as a fancy dress party, can create intrigue, hilarity and out-and-out horse-play. There are certain considerations to factor into a decision to buy a horse head mask.

Horse Head Mask Safety

With all masks, visibility and ability to breathe can be affected, especially if the mask is designed to cover your whole head, which is the case with horse head masks. Lack of visibility can cause you to stumble on objects while walking and absence of breathing holes can result to suffocation. Fortunately, with this horse mask, your safety has been considered. As a user, you will be able to see and breath through openings located in the horse mask’s nostrils and mouth. However, as these masks are mostly made of latex material to allow maximum flexibility and comfort, you should avoid wearing them if you are allergic to latex.

Horse Head Mask Comfort

A horse head mask needs to feel comfortable when worn. A small mask will fit too tightly if you have a large head. On the other hand, an oversize mask will tend to wobble when worn by a person with a small head. Both cases are uncomfortable. Horse head masks are available in different sizes which allows them to fit snugly on any size of head. Fortunately, there is little to worry about concerning the weight of the horse mask. Horse head masks are made of latex and fake fur which are both very light materials, thus making the masks feel light when worn.

Novelty Horse Head Masks

Horse masks are available in assorted styles to offer consumers a variety to choose from. Realistic brown horse head masks are the most common, but unicorn costume masks, zombie horse head masks and racing horse head masks are also available. Your horse mask choice should match the theme of the occasion. For instance, a racing horse head mask is the perfect choice if you are planning to attend a fancy dress horse racing evening.

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