Horse Riding Clothing and Accessories

Known as a sport but also an enjoyable hobby, horse riding requires a bit of time and commitment, as well as special clothing and gear made specifically for the sport. When it comes to clothing and accessories, there are some items designed specifically for different skill levels, as well as clothes and hats made for youth, men and women. So your rides stay enjoyable and fun, there is a wide range of different types of equestrian clothing to help keep you (and your horse) comfortable.

Men’s Riding Clothing

When it comes to men’s riding clothing and horse riding accessories, it’s imperative that the trousers are comfortable. Look for different types of trousers (namely denim) specifically made and designed for equestrian wear. When it comes to horse riding trousers, the term “equestrian” doesn’t just refer to competition; these trousers are also designed for casual riders so that they stay comfortable during their ride. Chaps are a common type of trousers made for male riders. If you’re a beginner, having the right horse riding gear is just as important as if you were a pro.

Women’s Clothing

There are myriad choices when it comes to women’s horse riding clothing, Similarly to the mens’ line, there are equestrian trousers that offer a slim, comfortable fit while riding. Women may also want to consider a shirt made expressly for horse riding, often worn under a snug, yet comfortable jacket. With the wind at your heels, it’s best to bundle up, even during moderately cool weather. Zip-up collared sweaters and jackets provide a snug look but are still comfortable enough to wear while riding.

Riding Gloves

One of the most important aspects of anyone’s horse riding clothes are the horse riding gloves. Your hands can easily get chapped and irritated between cool or cold weather and holding the reins so it’s a good idea to wear your gloves at all times. If your horse does happen to pull, the reins could easily scrape or cut your palms if it’s unexpected, so having gloves goes beyond a style issue. Gloves are a necessary piece of equipment for safety as well. Gloves typically come in small, medium and large sizes and offer a comfortable grip while you’re riding.

Western Hats

While a Western hat isn’t a necessary part of equestrian clothing or gear, it certainly can provide a stylish look, especially for a casual ride. Often referred to as a “cowboy hat”, look for Western hats that express your sense of style, such as hats with a feather or beads. If you are wearing the hat while you’re riding, it’s a good idea to look for one with an included chin strap so it stays on at all times.