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Horse Riding Helmets

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On the first Tuesday in November of every year, international celebrities from all around the world come to Melbourne, Australia to witness the prestigious annual Thoroughbred horse race with the locals. Dubbed ‘the race that stops a nation,’ naturally, you can be forgiven if you’re also a little bit horse-crazy.   Whether you are riding a horse for the first time on a trail walk or want to take up professional dressage, there are a few pieces of riding equipment that you will need to get started.  

Essential horse riding equipment

Pants, breeches and jodhpurs: Prevent your legs from getting rubbed raw by the saddle as the horse moves by wearing jodhpurs. These are close-fitting, full-length pants that have reinforced patches on the inside, and are flexible to sit and stand in.  Riding helmet: It goes without saying, but horseback riding helmets are the most important piece of equipment you will need. Made from impact-resistant plastic and foam materials, helmets won’t make you invincible, but they can protect you from serious head injuries.  Boots: You should invest in a pair of sturdy boots that have a 1 inch heel. This is to keep your foot from sliding around in the stirrup, and will protect your toes on the ground.  Saddle: Possibly one of the most expensive riding equipments that you will need, a saddle is the seat you fasten on the back of a horse. Saddles come in leather or synthetic suede, and it is important that it fits both the rider and the horse properly.  In addition to the basics, there are tons of other pieces of riding equipment that you will need. When you want to call yourself an equestrian, you need to shop online on eBay to get access to the biggest range of new and used horse riding equipment. From riding helmets to even horse trailers and floats, you’ll find everything you need at great prices.