Horse Rugs & Sheets

Keep your horse snug and comfortable all year long with a horse rug from eBay. With a huge range of different horse rugs available, picking the right rug for your horse can be difficult. Luckily at eBay, we've got a few handy tips to help.

Easy Access

If your animals are in a busy stable, make sure your look for rugs that are easy to fasten, adjust and fit. Adjustability will make your rug easier to take on and off while offering the horse optimum comfort.

Finding the right size

An ill-fitting rug can cause your horse problems. It will rub on pressure points and make the animal uncomfortable. Measuring the size of your horse for a blanket is one way to ensure proper fit. To do this, measure vertically from the centre of the chest to the top of the tail. Before you purchase a rug from eBay, make sure you consider the depth of your horse as well as the length and allow for movement.

Weight of the blanket

To keep your horse comfortable all year round you will need rugs of different weight and thickness. A lightweight rug is perfect for warmer or transitional seasons. They should have no filling or up to 115grams of filling. A medium weight rug can help in winter and will weigh from 150 to 240 grams. A heavyweight rug can weigh up to 400 grams and is made specifically for cold climates.

You may find rugs with a hood. Before you purchase this type of rug, make sure it will fit with your set of reins and saddlery.

Checking temperature

Once you've got the rug home, you must check on your horse to make sure they are at the right temperature. A cold horse will usually not be standing on one foot, have cold ears, be tense, and their hair will be standing on end. A hot horse will be restless, breathing heavily and sweating.

Warm up your horse and buy horse rugs from eBay today.