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If fetlocks excite you more than foot socks, you probably have a thing for all things equine! Whether you're into dressage, show jumping, polo, pony rides or trail riding away from home, horse trailers are a must for taking your four-legged friends far and wide.

eBay has a wide range of new and used horse trailers and horse floats that are sure to meet your needs. From lightweight single-horse floats on a budget, to the common double-horse configuration and luxurious three-horse, angle load trailers for the serious transporter - we've got it all. Not all horse floats are created equal - fortunately many sellers detail their specifications in their listings, allowing you to compare features and dimensions for your requirements. If you're ever unsure about anything, send the seller a question before you buy.

Because most horse floats are enclosed with a roof, an important consideration for buyers is the height of your horse/s relative to the interior height, in order to ensure their total comfort during transport. Some sellers advertise their floats as suitable for horses of a certain height using the traditional measure of hands, while others use a metric measurement of cm or mm. One hand of horse height works out to be around 10cm.

As with any trailer being towed behind a vehicle, do ensure that the tow vehicle has a sufficient towing capacity/rating for the float. Remember: a float carrying two horses can easily weigh in excess of 2.5 tonnes - the equivalent of a medium sized boat.

Jodphurs don't fit you anymore? Saddle seen better days? If you're competing in dressage, you know that appearances are everything. If you're all about safety, you know not to ride without the right gear. Why not check out eBay's enormous range of horse riding equipment , featuring whips and crops, boots and helmets, saddles and tack, training tools and grooming gear? Think you've already got everything there is to own? Extend the obsession with a look at our listings under other equestrian equipment - you might be surprised at what you find!