Fresh, clean water on demand with a hot and cold water dispenser

In many parts of Australia, it’s not particularly safe to drink tap water. Even if it is deemed to be ok for your health, many people prefer filtered water. You might like to spend a lot of money on buying bottled water every week, but that’s not really an economically viable option for many people. You can also go to a lot of trouble installing a tap water filter on your plumbing, or you can do something much simpler and buy a hot and cold water dispenser. With built-in filters, it’s the only appliance you ever need in order to get the fresh, clean water you love. 

eBay has plenty of hot and cold water dispensers available, from all the best brands. Plus, you can even get a range of replacement parts if you need them.

Different types of water dispensers

Water dispensers are a bit different from normal water filtrations systems. For example, you could install a Puretec water filter but this would require plumbing. If you don’t want to mess around with that you can go for a water dispenser. There are heaps of styles to choose from, such as:

  • Water coolers
  • Portable water pump bottles
  • Hand-press pumps for large water bottles
  • Hot and cold water dispensers

It should be noted that not all water dispensers include a filter. Some, such as water coolers and hand-press pumps use those large water cooler bottles, so you would need to ensure the water you buy is pre-filtered or otherwise to your liking. It’s really only the automatic water dispensers that also include a filtration system.

Benefits of a water dispenser 

If you hate tap water, there are plenty of other associated benefits to owning a water dispenser.

  • Fast, easy access to fresh water
  • Simple to maintain
  • Hot and cold filtered water on demand
  • Cost-effective to run
  • Parts and accessories available

This last point is important to remember. eBay offers a wide range of taps, bottle tops and other replacement parts if you ever need them. Most are very easy to replace parts yourself, making these devices a low-maintenance way to get fresh, clean water