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Hot Toys Action Figures

If you want to show your love for your favourite TV show or movie, collecting merchandise like action figures is a must. One of the most popular brands is Hot Toys, with creations spanning multiple fandoms, such as Disney, Marvel and assorted celebrities. Their sizes vary, from as small as 1/6 to life-size collectibles, all with impeccable attention to detail.

Unopened Action Figures

When it comes to collectibles, unopened merchandise is the cream of the crop. Not only do they look great when you display them in your cupboards, but they can end up being worth much more than what you paid for them. Unopened Hot Toys action figures don’t just come in regular boring clear containers; their boxes alone are full of great detail. If you’re lucky enough, you can still manage to snag one of the exclusive Toy Fair or rare figures online.

Opened Action Figures

While opened collectibles, like Hot Toys figures, are not worth as much as their unopened counterparts, they are still great merchandise you will want to get for yourself. There are many opened Hot Toys figures available online, generally in mint or very good condition. You can choose to return them to their packaging and display them safely, or just leave them out and unobstructed.

Action Figures without packaging

As you may have already known, or could tell from the previous two sections, there are multiple levels to action figure collecting. Below opened action figures comes Hot Toys action figures without packaging and incomplete. While this may not seem like something you would want, they can actually be useful in numerous examples. Firstly, they allow those without the extra money to begin a collection. They also give more flexibility in constructing your figure, as you can purchase individual appendages and clothing and connect them to create a unique piece.

Where to buy

Thanks to the internet, you can buy as many Hot Toys action figures as you like from the comfort of your very own home. They are also available at special events, such as comic conventions.