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Hot Water Bottles & Covers

Hot Water Bottles and Hot Water Bottle Covers

For many people, the thought of winter weather alone is enough to inspire dread. This is particularly the case for people with circulation issues, or those who just generally struggle to keep warm on winter nights. Hot water bottle covers can ease the discomfort of cold weather, transforming a bed into an inviting, toasty haven and protected from even the harshest weather raging outside.

Different Hot Water Bottle Covers and Styles

When shopping online, you’ll soon discover that there are a large range of hot water bottle covers and hot water bottle styles on offer. This makes it easy to find the specific size of hot water bottle to suit your needs. There are large, medium and small options to choose from which are all available at competitive prices.

Hot Water Bottles Can Make a Fantastic Personalised Gift

Due to the large range of hot water bottles and covers available online, it’s easy to purchase a bottle or cover as a personalised gift. For example, you may like to purchase a hot water bottle in your loved one’s favourite colour or perhaps a cute cover featuring their favourite animal or cartoon character. Combining appealing design and functionality, hot water bottles and hot water bottle covers make for practical and thoughtful gifts.

Hand Warmers Available

For people who want to bring the warmth and comfort of hot water bottles to their daily routine, it makes sense to invest in a hand warmer. Due to their convenient size and portability, hand warmers can make your daily commute a lot less daunting.

Safety Tips for Using Hot Water Bottles

While hot water bottles may bring to mind thoughts of comfort and relaxation, there are a few factors you’ll want to keep in mind when using a hot water bottle to ensure you and your loved ones stay safe. First, it is essential to never use a hot water bottle without covering it with a towel or hot water bottle cover, to avoid burns. You should only use a hot water bottle to warm a bed. Make sure to remove it from your bed when you’re ready to sleep and either empty the bottle or put it somewhere out of reach. Also, remember not to use a hot water bottle in a bed containing a fitted electric blanket, or allow children or babies to come into contact with hot water bottles.