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Hot Wheels Ford Car Blue Diecast Vehicles

Across Australia, children are still playing with Hot Wheels toy cars, and adults continue to remember Hot Wheels cars and tracks with nostalgia. The bodies of Hot Wheels diecast cars usually use zinc alloys for their moulds, while the exterior is uses aluminium accessories, plastic wheels, rubber tyres and sometimes even glass windscreens.


Enjoy the enormous variety of blue Hot Wheels Ford diecast vehicles. Whether you’re looking for blue Ford trucks, custom Ford Falcons or Ford Mustang GTs, the diverse collection of Hot Wheels Ford Cars ensures that you have a good chance of finding exactly what you are looking for. Colours range from magenta blue to blue with flames, and you can choose between unboxed and sealed blue Ford diecast vehicles. The diverse collection of Hot Wheels Ford Cars also includes special themed diecast toys, such as Fast & Furious Ford Escort toys.

Exciting Play

With screen addiction growing amongst children, Hot Wheels Ford diecast cars can be an exciting way to reintroduce play to kids. Combine with a Hot Wheels racetrack, and your blue Ford diecast toys can start an exciting racing game. Alternatively, the whole family can take part in imaginary games involving the blue diecast cars.


Hot Wheels Ford diecast cars are valuable to auto collectors, toy collectors and passionate Ford vehicle owners. Take advantage of the durability, attention to detail and impressive craftsmanship in Blue Hot Wheels Ford vehicles. Depending on the age and model of the diecast toy, you may want to sell the Hot Wheels car, or use it to complete a Ford diecast car collection.

Iconic Australian Toy

Not only is Hot Wheels an iconic Australian toy company, but many view Ford Australia cars as pieces of Australia’s automobile history. Therefore, many people see mint Ford diecast toys as model replicas of Australia’s Ford car range. Moreover, Ford diecast vehicles have significant sentimental value to adults who grew up using Hot Wheels Ford toys and to parents who own a Ford and want to introduce their children to the iconic Australian vehicle company.