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Hot Wheels Ghostbusters Diecast Cars

Hot Wheels Ghostbusters Car Diecast Vehicles

Hot Wheels cars have been popular for decades. They have continued to appeal to multiple generations, introducing new designs that correspond with pop culture. By collaborating with fandoms like Ghostbusters, Batman and The Fast and the Furious, they have entered a whole new market: movie collectibles. With each small model vehicle intricately designed and painted in the finest detail, it is no surprise the company is still going strong today.

Hot Wheels Diecast Cars

Hot Wheels diecast cars appeal largely to children and then older collectors, in that order. Young boys would often beg their parents for a new Hot Wheels toy, and with individual cars being so cheap, no parent could refuse. This obsession for toy cars often turns into an obsession for real cars. However, sometimes the fascination stays, and for that Hot Wheels release designs to appeal to those who have been with them since childhood. Their diecast cars are solid and last well, coming in a range of vintage and modern cars.

Other Hot Wheels Diecast Vehicles

Cars are not the only diecast that Hot Wheels make. If you like heavier Hot Wheels diecast vehicles, there are numerous vans and truck designs to buy. If you want to combine the two, there are also plenty of monster trucks that come with large rotating wheels. If two wheels are more to your preference, check out their motorcycle diecasts, or if you prefer no wheels, they also have a range of motorboats.

Collectible Hot Wheels

Everyone knows that when there are things that you can collect, some pieces are going to be worth more than others. When it comes to Hot Wheels cars, there are some designs that can not only complete your collection, but are worth a lot of money. A few of the most collectible Hot Wheels cars include: 1970 red Baron with white interior, 1969 pink rear-loading Volkswagen beach bomb and the 1971 purple Olds 442. While these are great to own in almost any condition, those still in their packages in mint condition are the cream of the crop.

Where to buy

Hot Wheels is a very popular brand that you can find online and in almost every toy and department store. Searching online might be best for finding rare and special collectible pieces, but you might just get lucky and stumble upon one locally.