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Hot Wheels RC and Control Line Model Vehicles and Toys

When people hear the name Hot Wheels, they don't always think of RC cars. In many cases the first thought is of the little model cars that many children spend untold hours playing with whether on the floor or on plastic tracks, or outside in the dirt. However, Hot Wheels have grown up, so the company now offers a wide range of remote controlled vehicles as well.

How Radio Control Works

Manufacturers base the radio control function of their cars around four main components: the transmitter, the receiver, the servos, and the motor. While the motor, transmitter, and receiver are self-evident, the servos may not be. Servos, or servomotors, are small electric motors used to control the vehicle. For example, one servo may control the steering, while another may control power, or brakes. Each channel on a remote control can drive one servo.

Hot Wheels Cars

One way Hot Wheels remote control car toys can add to the fun is with the AI intelligent race system. This system offers an artificial intelligence assist to young drivers, while also giving the opposing cars more capability for a more challenging race. Race against your friends, or the computer, the choice is yours.

Take to the Stars

You can't go wrong with 1:18 scale radio control toy cars. Large enough for plenty of detail, this scale also lets designers explore their more whimsical sides. Consider the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Carship, which combines one of the world's most popular franchises with the fun of RC cars. It even comes with light and sound for additional entertainment.

Other Models

Hot Wheels makes more than just RC Cars, the company also makes flying toys. The Hot Wheels Sky Shock racer not only tears across the ground, but transforms into an RC flying machine at the touch of a button; even in mid race.