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Transform Your Beauty: Hourglass Makeup

As far as beauty brands go, Hourglass is widely known as an innovator and leader in their field. Offering a range of cosmetics for the face, eyes, lips and even body makeup, they go above and beyond in their pursuit of perfection. While new on the scene compared to many older brands, Hourglass have been reinventing luxury cosmetics since 2004.

Foundations and face makeup

The Hourglass range of face makeup products are expertly designed to be undetectable transformative, and also effortless to apply. You'll find everything you need for your daily routine with Hourglass. Primer and foundation are made with all skin tones in mind, so you can find something that matches your natural complexion perfectly. The different styles, such as stick application and liquid powders, make this step considerably hassle-free.

If you've got blemishes, there's also plenty of concealer options too. With the Hourglass "Vanish', "Veil', "Hidden' and "Airbrush' lines, facial blemishes are a thing of the past! You'll also find an incredible selection of bronzer, contour makeup and blush. Whatever look you're going for, you can craft it like a pro with Hourglass.

It's all about the eyes

Hourglass will change the way you think about eye makeup, offering a range of unique and stylish mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner and brow makeup. Enhance your natural beauty with a subtle touch, or completely transform your look. The choice is yours with Hourglass.

You'll also be impressed with the range of makeup tools for eye application. From lash curlers to superfine lash instruments, Hourglass helps you achieve the exact look you want.

Luscious lips with Hourglass

Lip care from Hourglass isn't just about looking good. They certainly have a great selection of lipsticks, lip liner and lip gloss, but they also offer lip care products. Nobody liked dry or cracked lips, and Hourglass helps you through the day with special treatment oils to keep your lips hydrated and looking great.

Of course, always being the innovators, Hourglass offer lipsticks in a huge variety of applications. There's super-thin lipstick for precise application, as well as more traditional sizes and everything in between. People love their refillable lipsticks too, making it easy for you to find a colour you love and stick to it.

Makeup tools and accessories galore

Hourglass aren't just innovators in their makeup. They want to make life easy for people, and that's why they invest heavily in the development of makeup application tools and accessories. Rather than sit back and create makeup the same way it's been done for years, Hourglass wants to create something special.

Their brushes are widely popular, and there's plenty of different style depending on their intended use. For example, there's specific brushes for foundation, concealing products, powder application, and even cheek and eye makeup. Not to mention the countless items for specific use, such as highlighters and lash curlers, you can essentially fill your entire makeup kit with Hourglass gear.

The beauty of Hourglass is also in its simplicity. For people who are always on the go, they transfer many of their products into convenient travel sizes. You can leave your full makeup kit at home, and just carry the smaller essentials with you. Hourglass cosmetics are smart cosmetics!

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