A duster for every cleaning purpose

Dusting and cleaning can seem to be an endless job, especially if you have kids or pets that are constantly bringing more dirt into the house. But don't worry, because you'll find everything you need to keep your home spotless or get rid of those hard to reach cobwebs on eBay, with a huge range of dusters for cleaning every home and surface.

Traditional feather dusters

For all the advances in synthetic styles, many people still swear by the traditional feather duster. Soft enough to protect your furniture, yet flexible enough to fit into all those cracks and corners, feather dusters are long lasting and deliver outstanding performance. You'll find a range of feather options on eBay, including the ostrich feather duster, with a choice of wood or bamboo handles. Another popular alternative is the lambswool duster, which is just as soft but has the added advantage of being washable.

Modern microfiber dusters

Alongside traditional dusters, you'll find a huge choice of modern, microfiber dusters, many of which attract dust electrostatically to enhance their performance. There are a wide selection of synthetic dusters, including bendable and angled dusters, telescopic, extendable and retractable dusters, many of which are also washable to refresh their performance. Choose a motorised duster and you'll cut the effort of dusting even further, with the duster doing most of the work for you, making cleaning almost effortless.

Specialist dusters

Some surfaces, such as Venetian blinds, can be difficult or time consuming to dust unless you have the right tools. Specialist multi-layered vertical blind dusters will clear away dust from as many as half a dozen slats at a time, leaving the surface spotlessly clean in no time at all. You can also get specialist dusters for your computer keyboard and other electrical equipment, including dusters that use jets of air to blow away dust and other detritus to avoid touching sensitive equipment or live electrical terminals.