Understanding Laundry Basket Materials and Types

You may not have put much thought into it when you first purchased a laundry basket, but once you've been overwhelmed with piles of dirty laundry, most people will have a strong preference in terms of baskets. There are all types of inexpensive laundry baskets available on eBay.

What are some different types of laundry baskets?

Laundry baskets are generally made of one or two different types of materials. These materials may include plastic or woven wicker or other fabric. When determining what material of laundry basket is best for you, it is important to consider the purpose of the basket. Most laundry baskets are designed to store dirty clothes in a laundry room or bedroom, but they can have different aesthetic looks and waterproof materials. Other basket materials may include the following:

  • Canvas
  • Wicker

A plastic basket can be available in a variety of colours. This kind of basket is easy to clean and doesn't take up much room in a space. A woven basket may be more challenging to clean because it can stain or be saturated with water. But, some people prefer a woven basket over a plastic option because this style is more aesthetically pleasing.

Are there laundry baskets made out of canvas?

Yes. Canvas baskets are often used by those who need to transport laundry great distances from their homes to vehicles to the laundry mat. The basket is preferred by those who have to transport dirty laundry because the basket can be folded up and stored away when not in use. When in use, the canvas-covered piece of plastic material is used to keep the basket open. With this in place, the basket is sturdy. The canvas uppers of the basket may be crushed in but will go back to their original position.

Can laundry baskets be stacked?

Yes, some types of clothes baskets can be stacked. Stackable laundry baskets can hold upwards of one load of clothes. The baskets are created with specialised handles that allow one laundry basket to be stacked on the top of the one under it.

What kind of laundry baskets come with handles?

Baskets made of plastic can be difficult to carry if the material doesn't flex well. The easiest type of clothes basket to carry is one that includes handles and will flex when being carried. Some laundry baskets have a semi-circle indent with a strong handle that allows it to be carried with one arm and carried on the hip. By carrying the basket on the side, carriers will have one arm free.