Laundry supplies to assist with cleaning

With laundry supplies, you can make the most of any space around your washer and dryer to ensure your washing is kept fresh and organised. From clothes dryers and hampers to laundry trollies and folding frames, there's sure to be some supplies on eBay to add some convenience to your life.

Clothes airers, fixed and portable

Often there will be very tall slim spaces at the side of the washing machine and dryer. You can find a variety of folding clothes airers that are portable to fill these narrow spaces, such as a foldable six-tiered airer. These will easily fold out when needed and store away out of sight when the job is done.

For drip-drying, look at a fixed airer above a sink. These can be rigid or retractable and has the benefit of being able to hang laundry bags and hold folded towels when not in use.

Laundry baskets

Discover a set of matching laundry baskets that give you a separate basket for each room in a wide variety of designs. Should you have a main basket for everyone in the house then perhaps a laundry tub mesh bag with compartments will make life easier, as it will encourage sorting of colours. Collapsible silicone pots are also a good alternative to the traditional woven baskets as they are hygienic and can fold away when not in use.

Laundry bags

There are some very exciting designs for laundry sacks that will blend with all room decors with Oxford foldable bags being particularly stylish. Net laundry bags are used mainly in the machine for use with water and detergent when cleaning fragile items. You can find a premium laundry bag in a range of sizes for any garment, but these are particularly handy for lingerie as they offer added protection when washing.