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They say it takes a village to raise a child, as keeping baby boys and girls safe, clean and happy is a team effort. It starts with you and the other family members in your life, and stretches to your friends, extended family and carers who help grow and nurture your baby in his or her formative years. But you need more than manpower (and womanpower) to keep your baby safe and comfortable. Huggies nappies have been dependable assistants for thousands of families around the world for decades. With a massive range of thousands of Huggies for girls and boys of all ages and an array of activities, eBay is your one-stop online shop for stocking up on these vital childcare components. 

You'll find different styles of Huggies disposable nappies separated by gender, age, size and activity level, making it easier to find the undergarments to fit your baby or toddler and keep him or her on the move and fancy free. Bigger packs and lots let you stock up so you're not sweating each change. 

Along with the nappies themselves, we have the Huggies baby essentials that go hand in hand with keeping your baby clean and dry, including Huggies baby wipes that can help tackle the considerable messes babies can make at all hours of the day and night. 

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