Human Hair Extensions

If you want to have thicker hair or more length, you don’t have to wait. Human hair extensions can help you get the hair of your dreams, without having to grow your own hair. Getting extensions which are made of real human hair instead of synthetic material is a beauty investment that can be pricey, so it’s important to do your research before making your purchase.

Advantages to Human Hair

Synthetic hair is a material that has been made to resemble human hair, but is usually made from plastic. Not only is it normally quite obvious that the hair is synthetic, not choosing natural hair limits your options. Quality human hair extensions look like real hair, and can be styled and treated like your own hair. It also tends to last longer, which makes it a more worthwhile investment.

Choosing Your Colour

Getting your colour right is extremely important, as an incorrect colour match will make it very obvious that the hair is not your own. Most companies have a wide range of colours to make it easier to select the one that will work best for you. Human hair extensions can also usually be dyed, or have highlights or lowlights put into them so they seamlessly blend in with your own hair.

How Much Hair

Before purchasing your extensions, think about how much hair you are being promised in your set. It might seem more economical to pay a lower price, but in the long term it’s almost always best to spend a little extra to get more value. Sets with more wefts, or sections of hair, give you more volume and options to place the extensions.

Clip or Tape

Human hair extensions come in two main types, clip or tape. Clip in hair extensions are easily positioned and removed. They attach directly to your natural hair by the clip at the top. Tape extensions are more common and more permanent, often lasting up to three months. A section of tape at the top is stuck to your natural hair, and then left for at least three days to set. The extension can be removed and replaced using a new section of tape.