Keep entertained with Humax systems

An extremely popular brand across the world, Humax is a South Korean consumer electronics company that designs and manufactures set-top boxes, digital video recorders, and wide variety of other home electricals. Discover high-quality Humax television accessories to further enhance your viewing experience.

Humax satellite receivers

With a Humax satellite receiver, also known as a cable or satellite box, youll be able to receive a large number of cable channels easily. Humax receivers are known worldwide for being compact, stylish looking boxes that may also work with a satellite dish to receive cable channels too.

With a 128 MB USB drive and a huge 1 TB hard drive, the Humax HDR-1003S twin tuner is a great piece of kit. You can record one channel and watch a second channel or even record the second channel at the same time as watching one of the two recorded programs in stunning Dolby digital sound. Or why not try the chic looking Humax Twin Tuner Quad Recorder PVR to turn your TV into a recording archive for all the family. So no matter how hectic your life is you can watch any show at a time to suit you, with no worries about overlapping.

Humax Freeview recorders

Never miss your favourite show again with a Humax Freeview recorder. Catch up on-demand and in HD with an HD-ready TV, with any of the high-performance recorders from the Humax range, like the Humax HDR-1800T 320GB Freeview Receiver.

Complete with a built-in 320 GB hard drive and perfect for Smart TVs you can record up to 200 hours of standard TV or 75 hours of HD TV. It also lets you buffer programme material meaning you can watch a specific programme from the start whilst its still recording and comes with a handy remote for easy operation.