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Hunter Lawn Sprinklers

Hunter lawn sprinklers are high quality, customisable products. They feature many different designs of sprinklers and interchangeable nozzles. There are pop-up and fixed spray or rotor models for different types and sizes of jobs. Browse the brand's offerings to find the sprinkler that suits your landscaping needs.

What Do You Need In A Lawn Sprinkler?

There are many factors to consider when buying a lawn sprinkler system. Firstly, how big is the area you need to water? Does your ground slope? What type of soil do you have? Some situations require a greater degree of saturation, such as on dry slopes or for tropical gardens. Spray sprinklers generally suit smaller areas that need a lot of water fairly quickly. Examples are strips of turf and gardens on flat ground or sandy soil. On sloping ground or water-resistant soil like clay, it's better to use a timer to stage the delivery. This prevents excessive runoff and allows the water to soak in. Pop-up sprinklers suit larger areas of turf. You'd find mowing around many sprinklers inconvenient, but pop-ups retract into the ground, making it easy to mow. Otherwise, you may only need the fixed type of sprinkler. Rotor sprinklers deliver water at a small rate, but it can run over a longer time. Pop-up rotors are thus better for large areas like golf courses, playing fields and parks. Rotor heads come in single, double and all-around spray models.

Gear-Driven Rotor Lawn Sprinklers

Hunter gear-driven rotor lawn sprinklers spray out water in a big circle from one or more spinning arms. However, large areas of turf have different water needs than garden beds. Therefore, you can install your rotor Hunter lawn sprinklers on a separate grid from the garden system. This is an efficient way to save water; you deliver the right amount to each area. Professional irrigators favour the PGP, PGP-Ultra and I-20 pop-up rotor Hunter sprinklers because they are easy to install, adjust and customise, and the brand guarantees their reliability.

Pop-Up Spray Head Sprinklers

Pop-up sprinklers come in gear-driven rotor or fixed head models that retract down into the pop-up shaft. Hunter pop-up sprinklers also include rotary heads, fixed sprays and a variety of different nozzles. Pop-ups in the Hunter lawn sprinklers range include the PS Ultra Pop-Up, Eco Rotator Pop-Up and Pro-Spray Pop-Up.

Fixed-Spray Head Lawn Sprinklers

Fixed heads send out a fan-shaped spray of water. They are mainly for smaller areas, usually under 10 metres. Fixed heads come attached to either a pop-up or fixed body. Advantages of the pop-up are neat appearance, safety and ease of mowing because they retract. Fixed spray Hunter lawn sprinklers have a range of interchangeable nozzles to produce the pattern of spray that works best for your area.

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