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Hunting Binoculars with Night Vision

Hunting Binoculars with Night Vision

Binoculars are almost as important as a hunter’s rifle. A good pair will help expand your viewing range, increase your accuracy and give you a better view of the world around you. When your trip requires night operations, night vision binoculars are a great tool to have on hand. Choose from compact hunting binoculars with night vision, mid-size hunting binoculars with night vision and more to enhance the way you hunt. Some night vision binoculars are better for specific types of hunting, so be sure to consider the type of hunting you will be doing when choosing binoculars.


Not all binoculars are the same or will work in the same situations. Hunting binoculars have a specific design to help you see prey that has natural camouflage. They also help you survey the terrain so that you can be a step ahead of your target. Look for a wide field of view, rubber coating, coated lenses to reduce glare and reflection, and focus type. A good pair of night vision binoculars will fit in and be easily controlled. Having rubber coating helps you to keep a firm grip in most conditions. Individual focus is better for viewing more distant prey, while centre focus is better for closer targets.

Monoculars and Goggles

If binoculars do not appeal to you, monoculars may be the solution. Night vision monoculars do the same job as night vision binoculars and a little bit more. Some even perform simultaneously as a rifle scope and video recorder. Night vision goggles are another alternative to binoculars. Goggles free up both hands and may be more comfortable for those who wear glasses.


Bushnell, ATN, Vanguard and Nikon are just some of the brands that offer quality and precision night vision binoculars. Each brand has its own special features and accessories, so keep in mind what you are attempting to accomplish and what terrain you expect to be hunting on. Some binoculars are better for faster moving prey than others.


Illuminator extender, helmet mount, dual bridge, flood lens and other accessories for your night vision binoculars can give your binoculars and hunt a boost. Flood lenses focus the infrared light and intensify the beam for viewing farther. A tripod is a great accessory to free up your hands, as is a helmet mount. With these accessories, you can minimse your movements so you are less likely to alert prey. Illuminator extenders attach quickly and increase your viewing distance in zero light.

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