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Hunting Hats and Headwear

Using the right kind of hunting clothing, shoes, and accessories is important when getting ready to head into the wild. Hunting hats and headwear find favour with most seasoned hunters because of the protection they offer from nature’s elements. Thermal insulation, for instance, will work well in keeping your head warm, and good hunting hats are typically waterproof.

Hunting Ball Caps

Hunting ball caps come with front facing brims. Ball caps are further divided into different types, some of which include five-panels, strapbacks, snapbacks, fitted, and flexfits. The kind of material a ball cap comes in requires your attention, with your primary options being polyester, mesh, and cotton.

Hunting Balaclavas and Face Masks

You can find hunting balaclava and face mask combos that provide considerable protection from wind and cold. Features you may want to look for include wind resistance or proofing, water proofing, and thermal insulation. A balaclava will work well in covering your head, ears, and neck, whereas a face mask will protect your mouth and nose. Balaclavas and face masks lined with fleece are ideal for cold weather conditions.

Hunting Beanies

Beanies are effective in keeping hair out of your face and providing warmth to your head. This kind of headwear comes in different fits such as skullcap, slouch, pom pom, and roll-up. If you’ll be exposed to the cold or rain, consider getting an insulated wind and water resistant beanie.

Important Considerations

Size is an important aspect in buying hunting hats and headwear, and you’ll know which size will fit best by measuring the circumference of your head. Humans have trichromatic vision but most ungulates such as deer, elk, sheep, and pigs come with dichromatic vision. What this essentially means is that these animals can see in limited colours. For example, while a hunter in an orange hat might look odd to other humans, the colour would appear as a dull shade of yellowish grey to ungulates.

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