Hunting Holsters, Belts and Pouches

Whether you are a competitive hunter or are just taking up hunting as a hobby, you have a choice of many accessories to enhance your shooting experience. Hunting bags, holsters and belts are some essential items you need to keep your gun and ammo secure and at hand when you're out hunting. From the type of material they are made of to their size, you should consider various factors.

Holster Materials

The material a hunting belt or holster is made of is essential for practicality and durability. One of the most common is leather, which has been the traditional choice for decades. When buying leather holsters, you have multiple quality levels to choose from, so look for one made from real leather if possible, as this lets your gear breathe while lacking dyes that bleed all over your clothes. Some examples of more modern materials for hunting holsters are carbon-fibre, Kydex and plastic. Their main benefits are that they are light, water-resistant and relatively inexpensive.

Types of Hunting Holsters

The type you choose should depend on your favourite method of carry and the type of gun you choose. Drop-leg holsters are ideal if you want to have very quick access to your gun, whereas cross-draw holsters are perfect if you need to have access to the gun when you're driving. Shoulder and paddle holsters are suitable for larger guns, while hip holsters work well for smaller ones.

Ammo Belts and Pouches

Ammo pouches and belts are essential for holding stacks of ammo securely and conveniently. Magazine pouches are an excellent choice for storing extra ammunition magazines, and they range in size to accommodate one or more magazines. Ammo belts are usually made of leather or nylon, and they may feature various designs, such as camouflage patterns.