Hunting Knives

Hunting Knives

Hunting knives are highly useful tools for hunters as well as those who enjoy camping and hiking in the woods. In a survival situation, a knife can be essential, so it is a good idea to have one around if you are spending time in the wilderness. There is a wide array of hunting knives available, and each type has its own specific uses. Find the knife that suits your lifestyle.

Pocket Knives

Pocket hunting knives are versatile tools. These knives fold up, so that they are small enough to easily slip into pockets or purses. Most have a design that allows users to open them with one hand. Some pocket hunting knives have single blades, while others feature multiple blades as well as other tools such as screwdrivers and bottle openers.

Machete Knives

Machete hunting knives feature much larger blades than other types of knives. The fixed blades do not fold, so most machete hunting knives come with sheaths or carrying cases. They are useful for hacking through dense patches of foliage, and you can also use one the way you would use an axe to prepare firewood or clear away smaller trees.

Tactical Knives

Tactical knives typically have blades that are larger than pocket knives, but significantly smaller than machetes. There are folding and fixed blade varieties available. Most feature ergonomic handles that are easy and comfortable to grip. Choose one with a serrated edge to cut through tougher materials or a smooth edge to make precision cuts.

Skinning Knives

Skinning knives are important tools for hunting. Their design is specific to cleaning and skinning the animals that you hunt. These knives feature relatively small blades with extremely keen edges. Many have slight curves that make the job of skinning faster and easier.