Machete Hunting Knives

Machete hunting knives come in an assortment of styles and, over the years and in different areas of the globe, machete hunting knives have become more versatile for purposes like hunting. Due to the vast amount of machete knives on the market, choices may seem confusing when it comes to these types of hunting knives. Knowing more about the different types of machete hunting knives allows hunters to find the one that is right for their specific needs.

Barong Machete

The Barong machete has a unique style that sets it apart from other types of hunting. This style of hunting machete originates in the Philippines and also goes by the alternate names of Rawit and Barung machetes. The Barong machete has a blade that is shaped much like a leaf, and only one side of the blade is made to be extremely sharp. While Swiss Army hunting knives are definitely great for certain applications, it is hard to beat the cutting power of a Barong machete.

Bowie Machete

Another type of hunting machete that is popular in the field is the Bowie machete. The machete includes a scanner tip that makes it easy for removing the skin from wild game. Named after the Frontiersman Jim Bowie, this knife is also sometimes called a wilderness machete or survival machete. The Bowie machete originates in the United States and is a popular utility knife for hunters and survivalists.

Kukri Machete

Like many other machetes, the Kukri machete has distinct features that make it stand out from other types of hunting machetes. Kukri machetes have three separate sections on the blade that are specialised for certain functions. Hunters use the pointed tip for stabbing prey, the middle section for chopping and the lower part of the blade for carving. Having its place of origin in Nepal, the Kukri machete also goes by the alternate name of the Gurkha Blade.


People who do a lot of hunting can always benefit from having a few extra accessories while out in the field. Some popular accessories include hunting vests, machete sheaths, pocket hunting knives, hats and footwear.