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Hurley is one of those clothing brands born from surfing culture in the 1970s and 1980s. The brand’s founder, Bob Hurley, started Hurley Surfboards in 1979, making and shaping surfboards for the local surfer population in southern California. Hurley picked up the American licensing rights for popular Aussie surf brand, Billabong, in the 1980s and 1990s, before deciding in 1998 to release the Billabong rights and instead start his own clothing brand. So, the Hurley brand was reborn, this time as a sports and leisure clothing company. These days, it’s owned by the international conglomerate Bluestar Alliance, but the brand’s dedication to providing quality gear hasn’t changed. Nor has its involvement in the music and sporting industries, with Hurley sponsoring several bands and surfing festivals throughout the years.

Hurley Men's T-Shirts

Hurley produce a range of tees, from simple leisure wear to performance gear – the latter often disguised as simple leisure wear, too. The brand uses Dri-Fit tech to wick moisture and sweat away from your body to keep you dry and comfortable as you exercise. It uses Therma-Fit fabric from Nike’s labs to provide optimal warmth and protection from the wind. But most of its leisure tees are simply relaxed, knitted cotton fabrics designed to be hard wearing and durable while giving you maximum manoeuvrability as you play. Its long-sleeved tees offer the same durability and manoeuvrability, but a bit more warmth. If you’re looking for something a bit different, have a look at recent collaborations with Carhartt and Roland Sands.

Hurley Women's Tracksuits & Hoodies

This brand selects tracksuits and hoodies designed for use relaxing in front of the television on a cold winter’s morning, out at the park with your skateboard, or for warming up after an early morning surf session. In other words, no matter what your day holds, Hurley’s autumn and winter weight clothing can help you achieve your goals in style and comfort. The brand uses Dri-Fit technology to keep you dry and comfortable all through your exercise, wicking away moisture and sweat. 

The brand also uses Therma-Fit, a proprietary Nike fabric that is both lightweight and incredibly warm – ideal for keeping warm while exercising on really cold days, or for warming up afterwards. Another collection to keep an eye out for is Hurley’s compression tights and tops, offering protection, better blood flow, and faster recovery, both in and out of the water. These long sleeve and long leg compression garments use the best of modern performance tech to give you the edge in your surfing, skating, and running.

Hurley Men's Shorts

Hurley makes men’s shorts that range from smart chinos – great for casual and leisure activities – to surf and hiking shorts clearly destined for use in the great outdoors. Its board shorts are popular for their stretchy, comfortable fit, ideal for use on hot days cooling off or surfing at the beach. The stretch polyester fabric used keeps them looking good and giving you maximum movement potential. Its walking and hiking shorts are great for land-based exercise, with good sized pockets to keep all your essentials close by. 

If you want something a bit faster paced, then Hurley’s cotton knit shorts make good all-rounders, whether you’re going out for a jog or playing cricket at a mate’s place. The knit fabric has plenty of stretch and won’t restrict your movement – giving you your best chance of landing that backyard classic catch. And don’t underestimate the impact of a nice pair of chino shorts. This smooth woven cotton fabric is popular for good reason – it’s tough and hard wearing, but it also keeps its lines well to look great all day long. They’re good for casual days out, having a BBQ or heading to the pub for lunch.

Hurley Women's Tops

Hurley produce a range of women’s tops. One of its lasting favourites are the tees, featuring bold prints and made with a relaxed, comfortable cut that allows you to manoeuvre and move however you need to. The brand also makes tank tops and the occasional spaghetti strap top or blouse, just to round out its offerings. But its heart is still in its classic surf and skate wear, making clothes that are comfortable and good looking, with just a little bit of attitude. Keep an eye out for the recent Hurley X Carhartt collection that takes rugged workwear and outdoor apparel and gives it a classic Hurley surf wear twist.

Hurley Women's Jumpers & Cardigans

When it comes to winter tops, Hurley – unsurprisingly – have always tended to specialise in hoodies and sweatshirts. These range from cool weather brushed cotton to cold weather polar fleece and microfibre jumpers to keep your body warmth next to your skin, where you need it most. There are lots of great brand new and vintage Hurley pieces right here, so whether you’re looking for the latest fashions or something a bit retro, you’re sure to find a great Hurley jumper or hoodie. Keep an eye out for the more recent Winchester jackets – all the comfort and warmth of a hoodie, but a long, stylish silhouette that’s beautifully versatile.

What to buy with your new Hurley outfit

The harsh Aussie sun demands that we cover up or pay the consequences, and one of the easiest cover ups is a hat. Pick up a baseball cap or bucket hat – or in winter, a beanie might be more useful. If you’ll be heading to the beach, don’t forget to grab some water-resistant sunscreen and a beach towel – you can get some awesome ones these days, including huge double sized towels and circular Turkish cotton towels that absorb every little bit of water. A pair of thongs doesn’t go astray either – while it’s tempting to run across hot sand barefoot, it can cause nasty burns if you have too far to go. You’ll find all of this, and more, on eBay.