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The Husky line of diecast models was introduced in 1964 just as the world of small-scale toy vehicle collecting was taking off! At the time, Husky cars and trucks were the inexpensive alternative to Matchbox cars and were only at Woolworth's stores. Husky's original vehicles included many miniature model firsts from British, French, German and American cars including a Citroen DS estate with a rowboat on the roof, and a 1966 Oldsmobile Starfire. 

Today, Husky cars are sought after by collectors and there is a significant range of Husky cars, trucks, and vans to be found. In 1970, Husky was rebranded as Corgi Juniors, integrating with the well known Corgi Toys family, meaning the existing Husky models pre-Corgi are even more sought-after. Make your collection all that more special with eBay today! 

There are plenty of packaged and unpackaged Husky Diecast Cars to be found on eBay. Keep an eye out for the popular Husky Majors line of trucks which includes the Husky 2002, and a Ford car carrier truck with a Hoynor Mk. II trailer. 

As Husky eventually became Corgi, another legendary producer of diecast models that are well in-demand today, the pieces became favourites of collectors all over the world. In particular, the Corgi Rockets series which were produced in very limited numbers. eBay is the home of diecast model collecting as you never know what rare bargains you may find. Sift through our pages and bring some staple pieces from diecast model history into your home and collection today.