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Husqvarna for a professional finish

Founded in Sweden in the 1600s, the Husqvarna brand has centuries of manufacturing under its belt. The company started life producing firearms, branching out further some 200 years later into sewing machines and kitchen equipment. The company began the 1900s as a designer, and distributor of motocross, enduro, supermoto, and street motorcycles, before moving into electrical cutting equipment.

Today the company produces much more, including chainsaws, lawnmowers and trimmers. It is these products that the company is best known for today, and these products are easy to find when you know what to look for on eBay.

Husqvarna chainsaws

The vast range of Husqvarna petrol, and electric chainsaws includes everything from heavy-duty industrial chainsaws for felling trees, and pruning, to lightweight ones for domestic use, such as chopping firewood. Well known for using very high-quality components for superior handling, and performance, Husqvarna chainsaws are safe, reliable, and extremely effective. Every Husqvarna petrol chainsaw, such as the 236 e-series, comes fully equipped with the unique X-TORQ engine. This means they are exceptionally fuel-efficient, and the resulting reduced exhaust emissions are kinder to the environment too.

Husqvarna lawnmowers

As well as chainsaws, Husqvarna offers a fantastic range of ride-on lawnmowers. Designed for sharp angles, and hard to reach areas thanks to the front-mounted cutting deck, and articulated steering, you will have your large garden or field looking neat and tidy in no time. Take for example the Husqvarna TS242 ride-on mower with its 20hp commercial Husqvarna Endurance V-Twin engine. Combining total control, comfort, and efficiency you will not only achieve outstanding results, but you can actually have fun too. All ride-on mowers use Husqvarnas patented Bio-Clip feature which gives an outstanding mulch and an exemplary finish. Don’t forget to stock up on spares, and accessories too, such as extra cutting blades, tyres, and chain bar oil.

Husqvarna trimmers

Husqvarna trimmers are both high performing and versatile. They are designed for comfort and can carefully manicure your gardens, from the most demanding landscaping jobs to the most basic. These grass trimmers are flexible, easy to use, and quiet, which is ideal if you live in a high-density residential area. Husqvarna grass trimmers have a number of superior features, including intuitive controls, fast starting with minimum effort, an auto return stop switch, soft handles, and an X-Torq® Engine that is energy and fuel-efficient. You will find options available for personal home use, professional use, and versatile use. You can also shop for a range of accessories, including trimmer lines, trimmer heads, saw blades and harnesses.

The best thing about shopping on eBay is that it provides affordable options. If you are not in a financial position to buy a brand-new lawnmower, trimmer or chainsaw, there are plenty of second-hand products online for a fraction of the price. Shop around to find what you’re after.

Whether you’re a professional tree surgeon or landscape gardener, or you’re looking to start a new project yourself at home, you’re sure to find the exact equipment you need by looking through the amazing selection from Husqvarna right here on eBay.