ID Card Holders

ID Card Holders

Your ID card is not something that you can afford to lose. Storing your personal identification in a special holder helps to keep it safe and at hand when you need it. The holders are great for employee badges that open doors in your office, student IDs, fuel cards, and many more. The choice of an ID card holder depends greatly on the nature of your profession and how often you use your card.

Flexible Vinyl Card Holders

The cost-effective and lightweight flexible vinyl holders are the most common type available, and they are mostly in use in conventions and sales meetings. There is even a special subtype for convention badge holders that provide ample space for larger prints. However, for long-term use, they could be little too soft. Although the vinyl provides protection from dirt and moisture, it bends easily, and the card could break. Proximity card holders, another subtype, are a bit sturdier and feature a special locking feature that stops the card from falling out.

Rigid Card Holders

The strong, rigid card holders from hard plastic do not bend or flex like their soft counterparts. Therefore, they are the perfect choice for long-term use. The holders generally allow users to expose the magnetic stripes or smart chips, so you do not need to take the card out of the holder to use it. Some also include functional slide ejectors, which are handy for taking your card out, should you have to do it. The rigid holders could be clear or feature several colours that can, for instance, represent the company colours.

Shielded Card Holders

The shielded card holders accommodate smart cards that need protection from data theft, or skimming. A thin piece of metal in these shielded holders does not allow any mischievous hacker to read the data while the card is inside it.


Plastic ID card holders are common options for both soft and rigid card holders, and they come in many colours. However, you might want something a little more formal or professional looking. Consider leather, as you can also opt for a mens leather ID and credit card wallet that has a special slot at the back for storing your badge.