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IKEA Beds and Bed Frames

IKEA Beds and Bed Frames

A bed is debatably one of the most important pieces of furniture within ones home. Not only does it contribute greatly to the overall feel and ambiance of your bedroom but it plays a huge role in the comfort and quality of your sleep. IKEA beds and bed frames are a natural choice when shopping for a new bed and after you have considered the size, type and material of your new bed, you will be well on your way to a good nights sleep.

IKEA Beds and Bed Frames Sizes

IKEA beds and bed frames come in a wide range of sizes. You simply need to understand what size would be best for both the room where your bed will reside and for your sleeping needs. Some of the most common sizes are single beds which sleep one person, double beds which are slightly wider, and king and queen size beds which are the largest and best choice for sleeping two people.

IKEA Beds and Bed Frames Types

While some beds might just come as a basic frame and not much more, many other types of beds have taken on new forms that provide even greater usage. For example, IKEA storage beds typically have several drawers underneath the frame, making them ideal for keeping clothes or items that need storing away. There are even loft beds that are lifted off the ground by beams, allowing for a space for, say, a desk underneath. Bunk beds are also a great option for children.

IKEA Beds and Bed Frames Materials

IKEA beds can be made from a number of different materials as well. Such beds and bed frame can be made of varying types of metals, like brass or silver. Wood is also a common material and can come in range of shades, such as light wood or deeper-coloured ones as well. Many shoppers choose their new beds material based on how it will match with the rest of their room.

Other IKEA Home Furnishings

After deciding upon the perfect bed for your bedroom, there is a plethora of other home furnishings that you can purchase to really tie your room together. IKEA mattresses are a natural second purchase to complement your new bed. Headboards and footboards are also a common choice, as are dressers, desks and armchairs.