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A Buying Guide for IKEA Cube Storage

Cube storage is an excellent way for you to organise your life. Nifty IKEA cubes can shop books, collectables, kitchen tools, or anything else you need. When buying IKEA cube storage, easily found at affordable prices on eBay, you should consider the size you need, the finish you want, and any customisation you want to suit your needs and preferences.

Sizes of cube storage available

IKEA cube storage for sale comes in several sizes. Consider the space the IKEA storage unit will occupy. Get out your measuring tape and carefully measure horizontally. Additionally, you should consider how tall you want the storage unit to be. If you're short, then don't buy furniture whose top you won't be able to easily reach. Once you've measured, you can browse IKEA's options. The smallest Kallax option is 33 by 33 centimetres, while the largest option is 183 by 183 centimetres. There are several options in between, including Kallax units that are tall or wide. Regardless of your size requirements, you're sure to find IKEA shelving that works for you. See the manufacturer site for details.

What finish would you like?

Your IKEA Kallax unit must blend in with the rest of your decor. Luckily, IKEA offers four different finishes for sale, white, glossy white, black, and walnut. Spend some time in the room you want to put the furniture in. Look at the décor you already have in the place. What colour would work best in your room? If your furniture is mostly black, you might consider the black finish. If you want a more rustic look, you should strongly consider the walnut. Getting the right colour IKEA storage is crucial to making your room look amazing.

What customisation options do you want?

An IKEA cube presents a blank canvas for your storage needs. Do you want drawers, cabinets, or bins? IKEA offers several customisation options. You can order an IKEA cube storage unit with a door, turning the cube into a cabinet. Additionally, you could add drawers to your cubes. This transforms your cheap IKEA storage cube into a set of drawers, hiding things away until you need them. Another option you could consider is combining your cheap cube storage with an IKEA storage bin. There are storage bins that fit the cubes perfectly. You can get cloth IKEA storage bins if you're looking for a sophisticated look. If you need sturdier storage bins, then you should consider plastic units. These bins will hold up for years, and they come in many colours. You can customise your IKEA storage cubes to meet your furniture needs.