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Everything You Need to Know About Buying an IKEA Chest of Drawers

The right chest of drawers makes it easy to keep clothing, accessories, and other essentials well-organised and tidy. An IKEA chest of drawers coordinates with other IKEA furniture, and there are styles for different rooms of the home. On eBay, you can select from different colours, sizes, drawer configurations, specifications and features of a cheap IKEA chest of drawers for sale.

Specifications of a gently used or new, stylish IKEA dresser

The specifications of the new or preowned IKEA chest of drawers include:

  • Number of drawers: The range is two to eight.
  • Weight: The IKEA dressers range in weight from 30 to 150 kilogrammes.
  • Drawer depth: The drawer depth ranges from 40 to 80 centimetres.
  • Width: The width ranges from 30 to more than 200 centimetres.
  • Height: The height ranges from 60 to 200 centimetres.
Some features of an inexpensive IKEA bedroom chest of drawers

The features of the IKEA bedroom chest of drawers include:

  • With brackets: These metal brackets and screws allow you to mount the IKEA chest of drawers to a wall for safety.
  • With organisers: The chest of drawers may have removable or fixed drawer organisers for keeping items sorted.
  • Pre-assembled: The used IKEA chests of drawers may already be assembled.
  • Transparent drawers: This allows you to see what is inside without opening the drawer.
  • Silent glides: The drawer glides do not make a sound when you open or close the drawers.
Materials IKEA chest of drawers are made of

An IKEA chest of drawers can be made from a range of materials, including MDF, chipboard, or particle board, which is used on IKEA MALM chests of drawers and other product lines of IKEA dressers. Metal is another option, and it is used on the horizontally oriented and locker styles of drawers. You could also choose a wooden IKEA chest of drawers, and the available woods include oak, pine, and birch.

How do you choose the right IKEA chest of drawers?

When you're shopping for a cool IKEA chest of drawers, consider its:

  • Orientation: There are horizontally and vertically oriented drawers.
  • Room placement: Choose a living room, study, or IKEA bedroom chest of drawers.
  • Age: Choose IKEA bedroom furniture chests of drawers for children or adults.
  • Colour: The options include grey, black, brown, tan, cream, beige, and IKEA white chest of drawers.
  • Hardware: Choose without drawer pulls or with knobs or handles.