Slow the signs of aging

It’s a fact of life - as time marches on, our skin loses its lustre and elasticity due to a range of factors, including prolonged sun exposure. The dreaded wrinkles start popping up, and our skin has less moisture and produces reduced amounts of collagen. But there are ways to slow down the visible signs of aging, and these include anti-aging treatments such as Imedeen. Here’s the lowdown on three of their popular formulations currently on the market.

Imedeen Classic

These tablets are suitable for when the first signs of aging appear; the little creases around your eyes, and a noticeable lack of skin moisture. For most people, this begins at aged 25+.If that’s you, Imedeen Classic is the best choice. Containing an exclusive marine complex based on fish proteins, it helps to improve skin moisture balance, giving you that lovely feeling of skin softness.

Imedeen Time Perfection

This formulation is aimed at women over 40. By this stage of life, those fine lines are often deeply set wrinkles, and you’ll notice there is a distinct lack of elasticity to your skin tone. Time Perfection aims to address this with an antioxidant-rich formulation, as well as by boosting normal collagen production.

Imedeen Prime Renewal

Over 50? Then Prime Renewal is for you. This version of Imedeen is specifically made to support women at a time when they lose a huge amount of skin collagen – at menopause. It’s based on the Time Perfection formula, but boosted with extra nutrients such as tea extracts and vitamin E for added protection.

Apart from anti-aging products such as Imedeen, it’s also vital you keep up your regular cleansing, toning and moisturising routine. You’ll find plenty of such products on eBay, as well as an extensive range of Imedeen listings all at competitive prices. Happy shopping!