IMEX Radio Control Toys

When you bring home IMEX RC toys, you bring more than just a toy. You are giving your child a way to express his or her imagination. Race around the table, chase the family pet, or attach messages to deliver to someone in another room, the sky's the limit when it comes to what your child and IMEX can do together.

Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles

As children get older, the less likely they are to want to sit in the floor and push a truck around the floor. With RC model cars and motorcycles, your child gets an extra layer of fun added to play time. Steering around obstacles gives your little one a challenge.


IMEX RC toys are more than just cars and trucks; there are also many armed service types of vehicles too. Add a tank and the day gets a tad bit more interesting. Combine the radio control tank with soldiers and forts, and you have an area where you kid can play for hours without getting bored.


IMEX radio control toy accessories and parts let you upgrade your vehicle anytime you want. Add monster tyres to your truck or silver chrome wheels to your car to make it more stunning. If you really want to show off, add a smoke unit to your RC toy and impress others when smoke starts to roll out from under the truck.


RC Vehicles require power to move. Often, you need a battery for the vehicle and the controller. Rechargeable battery packs are the best way to go because you will notice that after hours of play, the juice starts to run out and the car slows down. It's more cost-efficient in the long-term to use rechargeable batteries. The size depends on the type of RC toy you own.