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Whether you’re building a new kitchen or fixing a door, you need the right tools. You want a reputable brand, quality components and strong materials, crafty designs and most of all – you want a brand that’s going to last!

Irwin Tools are a builder’s dream, whether you are running a major construction project or completing a little DIY at home.

Building a history

The history of Irwin Tools is extensive, dating back to 1885 when the first Irwin Auger Bit was developed in Ohio, USA. The company was founded by Charles Irwin, a pharmacist, who bought the rights to an auger bit that has a solid centre and had been made by a local blacksmith. It was some 50 years later that the next product was invented by a Danish migrant – the Vise-Grip Locking Tools. Products continued to progress from there, with the SPEEDBOR Flat Bits, MARATHON Saw Blades, and QUICK-GRIP Bar Clamps.

Today, they’re known by tradies and DIYers all over Australia for their superior quality and durable designs.

Hand tools

Irwin’s range of hand tools includes everything you need to keep your home and garden looking immaculate. From high impact chisels and hand saws, through to wire strippers and wrenches, it doesn’t matter which room of the house or building you’re working in or what you’re planning for your project, there’s a hand tool to suit.

Tool storage and workwear

You don’t need to worry about losing your tools or figuring out where to store them while you’re working! Irwin also has a range of tool tote bags, ultra tool bags, leather tool belts, and even tool backpacks! They’re comfortable and made to last. eBay has a range of these available in both new and used condition.


Irwin on eBay has a variety of accessories for your cutting tools, including circular saw blades and lock installation kits; screw fastening kits, magnetic collars for screws, bit holders and angled extensions. If you’re after drilling accessories, you’ll find drill bits and drill bit kits, as well as bit sets for your Irwin Lock-n-Load adaptors.

Whether you’re DIY renovating or you’re a builder needing an upgrade, don’t start your next project with any other brand. You will find an abundance of products available on eBay. Browse through the products, both new and used, and find products and prices to suit every budget. You can shop by product type, or search the categories, delivery days, buying format or price. The best thing about shopping on eBay is if you don’t find the Irwin Tool you’re after today, you can check again tomorrow, and your luck might change! You can also use the search bar to shop other pages.