Detox with Iaso Tea

Formulated using the highest quality ingredients, Iaso Tea is designed to offer effective slimming results within a few days of drinking this delicious herbal detox tea. Used repeatedly over time, you can boost your energy, and mental clarity as more and more toxins are flushed out from your body. With a unique blend of nine herbs, you're sure to feel lighter, and beautifully reinvigorated in no time.

Iaso Tea bags

With a unique combination of totally natural ingredients created to give amazing weight loss results, Iaso Tea gently but thoroughly cleanses your stomach, and gut. Sold in packs of eight, the aim of Iaso tea is to detoxify your entire body, and help you to lose weight. The idea is that Iaso Tea replaces the essential enzymes which are often destroyed by the over-processing of food modern food, and modern bacteria-killing techniques. By cleansing your intestinal tract in this way, Iaso Tea not only eliminates the build-up of potentially harmful toxins, it also allows total absorption of the vital nutrients your body needs.

Iaso Tea instant tea sachets

Perfect for when you're out and about, or for longer trips away, Iaso Tea is now available in handy individually packed instant sachets. This means you get all of the anti-oxidant health benefits of the same Iaso Tea blend there's always been, but without missing a dose of energy, and detoxification whilst enjoying time with friends, and family. Containing Cassia angustifolia extract to ease constipation, and boost colon motility, and Carica papaya extract to treat gut inflammation, the chamomile also helps bring on gentle, restful sleep.

Iaso supplements

The Total Life Changes, or TLC range, also includes vitamins, and dietary supplements, plus essential oils for the complete refreshment your body deserves. So if you're looking to lose weight, and feel healthier, happier, and more energised then look no further than the Iaso weight management supplement range. And when it comes to choice eBay has it all, so why not get online, and start reaping the benefits.