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Ibanez 7-String Electric Guitars

The first guitar brand to mass produce full-size 7-string electric guitars, Ibanez uses innovative technology to tackle the challenges of heavy string thicknesses, extended necks and down-tuning. Some of the world's greatest musicians endorse its 7-string guitar signature models in designs to suit every player.

What is a 7-String Guitar Used For?

A 7-string guitar usually adds an additional low B to the bass range of the traditional 6-string guitar, but sometimes manufacturers add the extra string in the treble range. It means that manufacturers have to increase the width of the fingerboard, unless you're opting for a floating bass string. In addition to solid body 7-string electric guitars, you can also find semi-hollow and hollow body electric guitars in 7-string models.

Ibanez 7-String Electric Guitar Models

Ibanez electric guitars in 7-string models include the Apex, designed by Korn's Munky, and the Komrad played by Brian "Head" Welch on a Korn album. If you're a fan of Dino Cazares from Fear Factory, consider his DCM signature 7-string model or the RG that boasts a fast 24-fret wizard neck that's ideal for rapid fingerboard work.