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Got one to sell?

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Ibanez Acoustic Guitars

For a solid and crisp, clear tone, choose Ibanez acoustic guitars for all of your playing needs. Whether you want to jam out at an open mic, want to play the soulful ballad in a band, or want to sit around the campfire and sing songs with friends, there’s an acoustic model exactly for your needs. WIth both right- and left-handed options, it’s simple for anyone to learn guitar.

6-String Options

The most traditional choice, Ibanez 6-string acoustic guitars are the most common types of Ibanez acoustics. Made of solid wood bodies, often with maple frets and pickguards, there are several colour choices when it comes to 6-strings, with everything from black to royal blue. A simple, 6-string acoustic is the best choice for a beginner, but even a seasoned pro would enjoy playing one of these durably built, beautiful guitars.

12-String Options

To take your guitar playing to the next level, consider a 12-string Ibanez acoustic guitar. To play a 12-string acoustic, you touch both the high and low corresponding string with the pick at the same time. Break out classics such as “Dust in the Wind," or “Hotel California," with a resonant 12-string. Made of the same durable wood and maple, 12-strings also have several colour choices.

Acoustic Electric Guitars

When you want to play but expressly need an acoustic that can be plugged in, an Ibanez acoustic electric guitar is the perfect choice. You get the desired acoustic sound, but this guitar comes complete with a built-in tuner and pickups. Perfect for open mic nights or for playing in a band, there are quite a few acoustic electric models, for everyone from novices to pros.

Acoustic Basses

Not as common as acoustic guitars, acoustic basses are becoming more and more popular. Choose from both 4- and 5-string options. WIth both fretless and fretted styles, there are also acoustic electric bass choices as well, giving you the ability to plug in.

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