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Ibanez Bass Guitars

The Ibanez brand first started as an importer of high-end classical guitars from a famed Spanish guitar builder, with the Japanese brand then making their own guitars from the 1930's. Ibanez bass guitars are some of the best in the world, and the brand has long collaborated with famous artists to release signature models in addition to their own series and collections. There are many styles available including left-handed guitars, acoustic basses and vintage designs, so you're certainly spoiled for choice with an Ibanez bass guitar.

Ibanez Signature Models of Bass Guitar

Ibanez has long been a preferred choice of instrument for famous artists, and their bass guitar range is no exception. Ibanez regularly collaborates with musicians and releases signature models of bass guitars, each bearing the name of the bassist who helped create it. Some popular models in the Signature range include the SDB by Sharlee D'Angelo and the GWB by Gary Wills, with a guitar for every music genre around.

Vintage Ibanez Bass Guitars

If you prefer to play your music on a vintage instrument, there are plenty of vintage Ibanez bass guitars around. Ibanez first released a bass guitar during the 1970's and have since made a variety of models and series, so there are many vintage options to choose from. Ibanez recently released their Artcore Vintage Bass, which gives the look and feel of a traditional bass but with an affordable price tag for today's standards.

Choose Your Bass by Series

Although the electric guitar is this brand's most common instrument to make, that doesn't mean there isn't a huge collection of bass models to choose from. Ibanez categorises their bass guitars by series, and from there you have a varied selection available including their most famous Standard SR model, which has adapted with the ages to remain a lightweight and smooth bass guitar for all skill levels.

Left Handed and Unique Models Available

Ibanez covers a range of unique bass guitar models for players who want something a little different. There are a few different left-handed models to suit those bassists and even acoustic bass guitars for a completely unique sound to this usually electric instrument.